Tuesday, November 6, 2012

how to build a simple 2KVA inverter

the diagram is a modify square wave inverter circuit diagram, and if you adjust the frequency by adjusting or turning the frequency resistor (VR 47Ok) the inverter output frequency can be strong enough to power a freezer compressor and some other electronics appliances in a living room. the circuit dont drain battery so fast and its very cheap to design.
the circuit do not have a pulse control so the more load u apply to the output the more the output voltage drop. 
the inverter is not a chopper transformer circuit base inverter it is a solid transformer base inverter, i will take time to arrange how you can wind the transformer. 
to wind an inverter transformer is very easy and may take less than an hour if you are using a home made local winder. 
solar installation for hospital
home made inverter

Thursday, September 13, 2012

2000 watt inverter circuit diagram/ 24V 2KVA circuit diagram

                this is a simple 24V dc to ac inverter circuit diagram by freeborn Emmanuel.
                 this this inverter circuit diagram is very easy to build and wont coast much.   
this is a simple 2KVA inverter circuit diagram and can be use to power a fridge and a TV set a fan and DVD player and some lighting energy saving bulg
also see my 2KVA H-bridge inverter design with inbuilt battery charger and a low battery cut off and over load protection click this link 

this is a simple 24V 2KVA inverter circuit diagram
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